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Spending This Summer in Your Student Apartment

Summer's just weeks away, finals are around the corner, and you're not sure what your plans are for the next couple months. Maybe your internship fell through, or you couldn't find anything that really appealed to you for the summer, and you really aren't loving the idea of going back home and livin...

Important Things to Understand About Signing a Lease on Rental Apartments

One of the rites of passage of the college experience is moving out of the dorms and into your own apartment for the first time. For most college students, it marks the first time that they've ever lived somewhere that's truly on their own, and it can feel like a truly freeing experience to leave do...

Easy Maintenance Tips to Consider for Your Rental Apartments

As a renter in Court Street Apartments in Athens, Ohio, you shouldn’t have to do much maintenance. After all, that’s one of the beauties of being a renter: Your landlord is responsible for most repairs—especially major problems. Property managers or landlords also are required to keep the structure...

Spruce Up Your Rental Apartment with Temporary Wallpapers

 Are you moving this spring, but don’t exactly like the current style of your Ohio university rental house? Don’t worry; you won’t have to look at boring, blank walls throughout your leasing period. To spruce up your space, consider installing temporary wallpaper to truly make your apartment your ne...

Bringing a Pet into Your Apartment: Things to Consider

It's a question many people face during apartment life: is it a good idea to bring a pet into your living situation?The honest answer is that it depends on several factors, and it's important to both be honest with yourself and with your landlord when you decide that you want to add a pet to your l...

Lease vs Rental Agreement: There's a Difference

If you've ever taken a look at some of the signs in a downtown storefront, you might have noticed that many of them mention "leasing" the space. But when you select your home for the school year in Athens, it's referred to as "renting" your living area. Are these two terms interchangeable? Actually...

Top Decorating Ideas for Your Rental Apartment

Moving into a new apartment can be fun and exciting. You’ll have more space, more independence, and of course, more rooms to decorate. Choosing a style for your rental apartment is an awesome task, but can sometimes seem overwhelming with all of the different decorating ideas out there to work with...

Painting Your Apartment: Top Things to Consider

College rentals can be a mess, no matter how diligent the landlord is with cleaning them out at the end of the school year. If a group of students has spent years in a place, it can be a real pit. One way to enhance the living space of Ohio University rental houses is to paint the interior. There a...

Top Attractions in Athens, Ohio

Maybe you only know Athens, Ohio as the home of Louis the ‘Awful Weatherman’. The ultra-nervous student newscast performance gained infamy as one of the internet’s early viral videos, and introduced millions of viewers to Athens, if only by accident. Ohio University students know there is much more...

Studio or One-Bedroom Apartment: Which to Choose?

When you’re looking for the best apartment when you go to college, you may be calling around to lots of Ohio University rental companies. You may have a hard time sifting through all of the housing options offered to you and knowing how much space you need. If it’s just you living by yourself or ju...
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