Renting a Home versus an Apartment

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Renting a Home versus an Apartment


Often, when students are looking at Athens, Ohio rentals, the question of home ownership comes up. That prompts a debate: Is renting a home better than owning one? If you're debating that question, here are some things to consider.

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What Each Offers

Homeownership comes with many amenities. Larger yards, a garage, generally more privacy as well as the ability to do what you want (within the law) with your property are just a few. At the same time, rental properties often come with complimentary amenities such as a clubhouse, gym, or pool, and usually snow removal is part of the rental agreement. The downside to home ownership is that you are responsible for maintenance. The downside to renting is that you are subject to the whims of your landlord.


Like amenities, homeownership expenses are very different than renting. Ohio University student rentals, for example, generally will come with basic utilities covered in the rent. With a home, all the utilities are on the shoulders of the homeowner. At the same time, you can take measures to control your energy efficiency with ownership whereas you cannot always do that with a rental unit.


While you cannot pick your neighbors, there are three levels of what you can do to create the space you want privacy-wise. Apartment rentals usually are closer quarters and while the walls will usually be better insulated to control noise, you have no say regarding who lives next door or their lifestyles. Ohio university house rentals will usually offer a larger measure of privacy from neighbors, but they are also usually close quarters. Owning gives you the opportunity to select a secluded property as well as to deploy privacy measures such as planting trees and shrubs, installing fencing and positioning the “living” part of your yard to attain the degree of privacy you desire.

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If your toilet springs a leak and you rent, you can call the landlord and they will be responsible for fixing it. When it snows, your landlord will be responsible for making sure the walk is shoveled and the parking lot is cleared. Basically, all maintenance and repair work is the responsibility of your landlord. With a house, your landlord is you.


Depending on the lease you have, altering the apartment, condo or house you have rented is generally not allowed beyond basic modifications, like putting fasteners in the wall to hang a picture. With a house, as long as you have the right permits, what you do to the interior is your business.

Athens, Ohio rentals have a lot to offer, but so does homeownership. Ultimately, which is better comes down to what you are looking for and what responsibility you are willing to shoulder. Both have benefits and drawbacks; luckily, if you know what you want, there are no drawbacks to either one.

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