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How to Find the Perfect Apartment for Rent

If you’re new to apartment living, hunting for the right place can seem like an overwhelming and never ending search. There are so many apartments and houses for rent in Athens that it can be hard to know where to start or where to look for the apartment that will best fit your needs. Here are 5 ti...

Amenities You Should Not Pass up in College

College is a time when you can find out who you are and what you can live on. At Wharton Rentals in Athens, Ohio, we know that while you may be looking to spread your wings, there are some amenities that are really necessities for the college student: In-room mini fridge Microwave Exercise area and/...

College Housing: Should You Compromise?

College is really expensive. One of the easiest places to compromise is on housing, but at Wharton Rentals in Athens, Ohio, we know that you shouldn't compromise on your living space. As a student who is paying a lot for your education, you need to have a space that is going to support your goals an...

Finding an Off-Campus Residence That Works for You

When you leave dorm life behind and move into your first off-campus place, there are a lot of things to consider. It can be a major challenge to go from having activities, meals, the library, and other parts of the college experience all in one location to the first instance of really living on your...

Enjoying Your Off-Campus Living Situation

If you're like many college students returning for classes in the fall, you're probably most excited for two things: the fall football schedule and the chance to live in a new off-campus residence. But before you get started on making plans for parties throughout the fall, you need to be ready for w...

3 Tips for Renting

If you are thinking about Athens, OH, rental properties, then there are certain aspects you should consider. Making the right choice before you rent is very important. Here are 3 tips. 1. Roommates Perhaps the most important rental decision you’ll make is whether you’ll share space with a roommate o...

Finding the Right Off-Campus Living Situation

When it comes to choosing their living situation, college students have several options. Whether it's living on campus, living with their parents, buying a house or renting an apartment, there's an abundance of possibilities. For many students who want to get away from dorm life, renting might be th...

Is an Apartment or House Right for You?

Where you choose to live can affect your whole life. The ability to relax and enjoy yourself at home has a direct impact on how well you can perform outside of the home. So, should you be searching for Athens, OH, apartment rentals or house rentals? We’ve put together a list of important things to c...

How Far Is Too Far from Campus?

When you are looking for Athens, Ohio, off-campus housing, it is important to know the right location for your situation. As finding student rentals in Athens, Ohio, is our job, we know that a lot of students wonder how far away from campus can be considered too far. The answer to this question will...

When Is the Best Time to Look for Student Rentals?

We come in contact with many students looking for rentals in Athens, Ohio. Over the years we have come to find that many students have no idea when they are supposed to start securing their lodging for their upcoming semesters. While the right time can differ slightly for each semester, we have come...
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