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Online Resources for Great Athens Ohio Rentals As a college town, rent in Athens naturally follows a student’s schedule. The truth is that landing Athens Ohio rentals in the middle of the year can be harder than Quantum Physics. If you’re a professional looking to land housing outside of the typical...

OU Off-Campus Housing

Moving Off Campus? Ohio University Students Have Housing Options. Whether you had a great time living in the dormitories, or you were counting the days when you could move out, now that you’ve decide to look for an apartment off campus, we can help you find a place to stay. With more than 175 proper...

Rentals Close to OU

Select From Our Rentals Close to OU If you’ve had enough of living on campus, try one of our more than 175 available apartments. Our units are priced affordably, so you’ll be able to stay within your budget. But we also offer quality, well maintained properties. Choose from large number of rentals c...

Cool Athens Ohio rentals

Check Out Our Cool Athens Ohio Rentals What memories will you have of your time here in Athens? Long after all the classes, all the lectures, all the exams, and all the papers have faded from memory, you’re likely to remember the people you’ll meet and the friendships you’ll make. One of the greates...

Two Bedroom Apartments In Athens Ohio

We Have Lots of Two Bed Apartments in Athens Ohio The friendships you make while you’re in college can be some of the most enduring friendships of your life. If you’ve found that special friend you’d like to live with, one of our two bedroom apartments in Athens Ohio may be exactly the sort of livin...

Three Bedroom Apartment In Athens

Look No Further for a Three Bedroom Apartment in Athens Whoever said “two’s company and three’s a crowd” didn’t have the pair of friends that you have. It’s great to make friends during your stay in Athens. The friends you make while in college may stay your friends forever. And what better way to b...

Four Bedroom Athens Ohio rentals

See Listings for Our Four Bedroom Athens Ohio Rentals The old saying goes, “two’s company, three’s a crowd,” but what about our four bedroom Athens Ohio rentals? Are they two times two’s company? Are four bedrooms even enough for you and all your friends? However many bedrooms you need, we’ve probab...

Best Rentals in Athens Ohio

Of Course You Want the Best Rentals in Athens Ohio You’ve done your time in the residence halls and now you’re looking to move off campus, but you don’t want to settle for just any place to live, you want only the very best rentals in Athens Ohio. We know that you want a place to live that’s well ma...

Athens Ohio Rental Homes

Come See What’s Great about Our Athens Ohio Rental Homes After the grind of classes and term papers and exams, do you want to crash in a dump, or do you want to spend some quality time in a place that’s nice? We think you and your friends will like what we have to offer with our Athens Ohio rental h...

Athens Ohio Three Bedroom Rentals

Three’s Company in an Athens Ohio Three Bedroom House The old saying goes, “two’s company, three’s a crowd,” but not for you and your two friends. If you are interested in an Athens Ohio three bedroom house, we can offer you options. For your convenience, we group our properties by the number of ava...
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