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College Housing Option in Athens

Like many college students that just graduated from high school, I had grandiose ideas about campus life. I had watched so many movies I only saw the comedic side of the frat parties, drama, and wars with the dean. After my first semester, I knew it was time to move off campus. Had I known the reaso...

Factors to Consider when Choosing Your Ideal Off-Campus Location

A college student is constantly on the go. It could even be said that college students spend less time at home during this time in their lives than anyone else. There are, however, indispensable factors to consider when choosing your own college rental housing. We at University Off-Campus Housing wo...

Best Streets to Live on in Athens

Are you looking for apartments close to campus? Court Street Apartments in Athens, Ohio, boasts some of the best locations in town that are within walking distance of all the college action. Court Street is a diverse area of town just north of Ohio University, offering a plethora of dining options l...

Cheap Off-Campus Living around the Country

When it comes to deciding on a college or university these days, one of the questions we hear students asking most often is whether or not they should live on their campus. After listening to students debate this question often and at length, we've come up with a few ideas for cheap off-campus housi...

Why Living Off Campus Is Better

When your parents first dropped you off at your dormitory your freshman year, it might have seemed right for you to leave your teary eyed mom and dad and timidly carry your footlocker into a living situation that had given all 3 of you the belief that you would be taken care of. But now, you've gott...

Finding Off-Campus Housing for Fall during the Summer

If there is one thing you need to know about finding off-campus housing for the school year, it is that the good places will go fast. You can't just wait until a week before school starts to look for a place and expect to find something that meets all your needs. If you want to find a good off-campu...

Things to Do on Court Street

Athens, Ohio, is home to a diverse community of long-term dwellers and Ohio University students year round. The city itself is full of things to do, but if you will be living in or near Court Street Apartments in Athens, OH, you may be surprised to know about all of the things to do all along histor...

Athens Ohio Rental Properties

Checklist For Athens Ohio Rental Properties Assists The Smart Renter Creating checklists and wish lists when visiting Ohio University housing listings supports the smart renter in finding the Athens Ohio rental properties that best suit your needs. What are the important components of a home that yo...

Athens Ohio University Housing

Time to Celebrate with Ohio University Housing Congratulations! You’ve made it through two years of dorm life and are ready to transition off campus and are looking for Ohio University housing! Whether it’s your preference to live near campus such as on Congress, Court, High, Mill, Oak, Palmer or St...

Ohio University Housing

We Make It Easy to Find Athens Ohio Housing Despite the old adage, location is not the only consideration when it comes to real estate; there is also quality, affordability, and amenities. While we do offer a large number of properties near the Ohio University campus, there is more to finding the ri...
Off-campus rentals in Athens, Ohio
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