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Athens Ohio University Housing

Time to Celebrate with Ohio University Housing Congratulations! You’ve made it through two years of dorm life and are ready to transition off campus and are looking for Ohio University housing! Whether it’s your preference to live near campus such as on Congress, Court, High, Mill, Oak, Palmer or St...

Ohio University Housing

We Make It Easy to Find Athens Ohio Housing Despite the old adage, location is not the only consideration when it comes to real estate; there is also quality, affordability, and amenities. While we do offer a large number of properties near the Ohio University campus, there is more to finding the ri...

Athens Ohio Rental Housing

Be Near the Action with Our Athens Ohio Rental Housing Ohio University students can enjoy the university experience in a small town setting. After two years of dorm life, most students welcome the opportunity to live off campus, and we offer a variety of properties to choose from, many near the “upt...

Court Street Apartments

The Best Court Street Apartments Go Fast You’ve decide you’ve had enough of living in the residence halls, and you’re ready to find a place off campus. We can help. Why not choose an apartment in the very heart of what’s happening in town? With our Athens Ohio Court Street apartments, you get well m...

Athens Uptown Rentals

And Enjoy the Fun with Athens Ohio Rentals Uptown When you’re looking for a place to live, the old saying goes, “location is everything.” With more than 175 apartments to choose from, you can live close to the famous Athens nightlife and still be within walking distance of the Ohio University campus...

One Bedroom Apartment Athens Ohio

Find a One Bedroom Apartment Athens Ohio… …with our easy to use search features. We get it. The whole “roommate experience” can be great, except when it isn’t. When you rent your own one bedroom apartment Athens Ohio, your friends can stay your friends and no one needs to worry who is a morning pers...

Athens Ohio Studio Apartment

Fit an Athens Ohio Studio Apartment to Your Lifestyle Are you someone who is always on the move and who likes the freedom of living on your own? You may find that an Athens Ohio studio apartment provides you with both the affordability you want and the efficiency you demand. With more than 175 units...

Best Athens Ohio Rentals

Look No Further for the Best Athens Ohio Rentals Most people jump at the chance to live off campus once their residence halls days are behind them. But we know you don’t want to live in just any old place. You deserve an apartment that is well maintained, has late model appliances, and won’t cost yo...

Apartments For Rent In Athens

We Have an Apartment for Rent in Athens near Campus and Uptown But we don’t have just one apartment for rent in Athens, we have more than 175 locations under our management. And many of our rentals are located exactly where students want to be, right next to campus so you can be the very first perso...

Athens Campus Area Rentals

Choose From All of Our Athens Ohio Rentals Close to OU As the saying goes, location is everything, and with more than 175 apartments and houses to choose from in town, we’re confident we have a location that will work for you and your friends. We know that when students move off of the Ohio Universi...
Off-campus rentals in Athens, Ohio
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