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Four Bedroom Athens Ohio rentals

See Listings for Our Four Bedroom Athens Ohio Rentals The old saying goes, “two’s company, three’s a crowd,” but what about our four bedroom Athens Ohio rentals? Are they two times two’s company? Are four bedrooms even enough for you and all your friends? However many bedrooms you need, we’ve probab...

Best Rentals in Athens Ohio

Of Course You Want the Best Rentals in Athens Ohio You’ve done your time in the residence halls and now you’re looking to move off campus, but you don’t want to settle for just any place to live, you want only the very best rentals in Athens Ohio. We know that you want a place to live that’s well ma...

Athens Ohio Rental Homes

Come See What’s Great about Our Athens Ohio Rental Homes After the grind of classes and term papers and exams, do you want to crash in a dump, or do you want to spend some quality time in a place that’s nice? We think you and your friends will like what we have to offer with our Athens Ohio rental h...

Athens Ohio Three Bedroom Rentals

Three’s Company in an Athens Ohio Three Bedroom House The old saying goes, “two’s company, three’s a crowd,” but not for you and your two friends. If you are interested in an Athens Ohio three bedroom house, we can offer you options. For your convenience, we group our properties by the number of ava...

Athens Four Bedroom Rentals

Four Bedroom Athens Ohio Rentals and More! The friends you make during your time at Ohio University may be friends you keep for the rest of your life. Why not find a place where you can all stay together? For your convenience, we group our properties by the number of available bedrooms, so choose fr...

Athens Five Person Rentals

Five Person Athens Ohio University Rentals and More! It’s great that you’ve made so many friends during your time in Athens! The people you meet while you’re at Ohio University may stay your friends for the rest of your life. Why not stay somewhere with enough bedrooms for all of you? We offer five...

Athens Ohio Rental Properties

Avoid the Horror Stories of Athens Ohio Rental Properties You know what’s worse than a blind date gone wrong? Some of the horror stories you hear about Athens Ohio rental properties. Going back to 1804, Ohio University is literally older than the State of Ohio itself, so some of those Athens Ohio st...

Athens Ohio Student Rentals

Be Near the Action with Our Athens Ohio Rental Housing Ohio University students can enjoy the university experience in a small town setting. After two years of dorm life, most students welcome the opportunity to live off campus, and we offer a variety of properties to choose from, many near the “upt...

More Athens Ohio Student Renatls

We Make Locating Athens Ohio Student Rentals Easy. Your Ohio University experience isn’t just about hitting the books, it’s also about making friends and establishing relationships that may last you a lifetime in a great little town with tons to do. Pick a place to live and meet some of those new fr...

Athens Ohio Apartments

When it Comes to Athens Ohio Apartments, Location Matters When searching for off-campus housing, we know selection is important to you; that’s why we offer so many options to fit your budget. Getting out of the residence halls and moving off campus is an important part of your college experience, bu...
Off-campus rentals in Athens, Ohio
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