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Best Rentals in Athens Ohio

Rentals in Athens Ohio – Some of the Best Properties Available So you’re done with the dormitories forever, and you’re looking for a place to stay in town for the rest of your time at Ohio University. We have so many properties to choose from that we’re confident you’ll find an apartment that’s just...

Find Rentals Athens Ohio

Rentals in Athens Ohio Near Ohio University With our more than 175 units to select from, we’re confident you’ll find an apartment that’s right for you. To help you with your search, we provide a variety of information and searching tools. First, we know location is important to you. If you’d like, y...

Best Athens Ohio Rentals

We Think We Have the Best Athens Ohio Rentals! We have more than 175 properties under our management, so if you would like to know if we have the best Athens Ohio rentals, why not review our listings and decide for yourself? For the convenience of you and your friends, we group listings by the numbe...

Athens Apartments

There’s Room for Your Friends with Our Athens Apartments When it comes to living on campus, you’ve been there and done that. Maybe your time in the residence halls was a blast or maybe you lived with a creepy roommate who was always hogging the bathroom while you were suffered your way through dorm...

Ohio University Rentals

We Make Finding Ohio University Rentals Simple If you have had enough of living in the residence halls and are ready to live off campus, do yourself a favor and check out our selection of Ohio University rentals. Whether you want a place all to your own, or a property with enough bedrooms for you an...

Athens Ohio Rental With a View

Athens Ohio Rental with a View Almost Sounds Like a Movie Title After spending a couple of years languishing on campus in one of the residence halls, it’s no wonder than many want an Athens Ohio rental with a view. What’s more depressing that looking out a residence hall window only to see more resi...

Uptown Athens rentals

We Have Plenty of Uptown Athens Rentals to Choose From We know that you want a place that’s nice, that’s close to all the Athens action and the Ohio University campus, and is also affordable. With our uptown Athens rentals, we’ve got you covered. If you’d like a place within walking distance of camp...

Athens Rentals

Get Quality and Affordability with Our Athens Rentals We know you want a place to live that’s nice, but we also know you need an apartment that’s affordable. Good news! Our Athens rentals are both. Whether you want a one bedroom apartment Athens Ohio for yourself, or you’re looking for a location wi...

Athens Ohio apartment near bars

It’s Because an Athens Ohio Apartments near Bars are Close to Campus… Right? Your parents weren’t looking when you started searching for Athens Ohio apartment near bars, were they? Just kidding. You can always tell them you found a perfect place to live within easy walking distance of campus. But al...

Athens Ohio rental with a yard

Kick Back and Relax with an Athens Ohio Rental with a Yard We know the feeling. You were stuck in the residence halls, but now you’re looking to move off campus, and you want a place to live with a little space and a little green. No worries. We’ve got you covered. With more than 175 rentals under o...
Off-campus rentals in Athens, Ohio
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